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Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Being a city of multi-ethnicity and home to numerous consumer-facing brands, the exposure of marketers from digital marketing agencies in Bangalore towards consumer and brand behavior understanding is high. With such an exposure, Digital marketing companies in Bangalore are bound to have more knowledge about customer behavior, brand competition etc.
Currently, Digital marketing is the most favored marketing technique because we live in a technologically savvy world and almost every form of business is online-based. Creating a website and company profiles on social media platforms is not enough. Staying competitive in such a world requires a solid online presence and thus – Digital marketing. It helps companies in increasing their online presence, it performs market research that is based on the target audience, and it integrates and modifies the company’s online profile accordingly. In short, digital marketing helps businesses to garner new sales, leads and above all online traffic. Direct response marketing, also known as performance marketing or actionable advertising, focuses on business results like sales, rather than brand awareness. Paid search ads are an example of direct response marketing. When consumers click on a paid search ad, the advertiser is charged only when the consumer acts on that ad (e.g., clicks through to the advertiser's website, makes a purchase, etc.). The advantage of performance marketing is that advertisers can see exactly how many people clicked on their ads or whether they made a sale. This doesn't necessarily mean revenue is generated for each click; it means that clicks can be qualified or disqualified to reduce the number of people who will end up buying their product, based on how many viewed it. The goal is to get more money from each marketing dollar spent and get a detailed understanding of what gets customers to purchase.
Performance Marketing is a type of digital advertising where advertisers pay for specific user actions such as clicks, conversions, or sales, rather than paying for ad impressions or clicks. It is cost-effective, targeted, measurable, scalable, and flexible.
When a client looks to eMarket Agency, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Bangalore India, for help with their digital marketing needs, they are given an in-depth questionnaire. This is designed to get an understanding of their business goals and what strategy they have used so far to achieve these. This helps the team understand where the client currently stands on their digital marketing journey. After initial research, we conduct a thorough analysis of the client's social media accounts, website, and general digital presence. This helps us drill down to what would be the best possible strategy for them in order to achieve their goals. We do this through the use of sound marketing practices and procedures, combined with an understanding of how both traditional and digital marketing can work together. How much does a digital marketing service cost per month? The cost of digital marketing services can vary depending on what you are looking for. If you require assistance with only one specific aspect of your online presence, the price will be much lower than if you need assistance with everything under the digital marketing umbrella. Some costs to consider working with a top digital marketing agency in India - Social Media Management: $500-$1000/month Website Design & Development: $1000-$3,000 depending on the type of site you need and its complexity. SEO: $1,000-$3,000/year